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Olympic World T-shirt – Only 24 Hours!

Posted on February 22, 2010 at 2:16am Madrid / 8:16pm Cincinnati by Kelly Larbes

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This year watching the Olympics in Vancouver has brought back recent memories from our trip to Sarajevo and all of the old Olympic venues we saw. It got me to thinking that it would be cool to have a t-shirt that lists all of the cities that have hosted the Olympics – a tribute to the cities and to everything the Olympics represents. I couldn’t find one online, so I decided to design one myself. On Monday, February 22, the limited edition t-shirt will be on sale at www.5quidink.com for just 24 hours. The design is printed on a very soft American Apparel t-shirt. It costs $12 + $2 shipping, and full disclosure: I get $1.50 per t-shirt sold.

This was my first venture into the popular online t-shirt design world and I found that there are an overwhelming amount of t-shirt websites featuring great work. I chose to submit my work to 5quid Ink for a three distinct reasons:

  1. I needed to find a website that didn’t require a length submittal process and/or lengthy voting process because I just decided to do this last week and clearly timing was important.
  2. 5quid Ink is a fairly new site, so I figured I had a better chance at getting noticed.
  3. I liked their website and the work they featured.

I’ve always loved watching the Olympics. I love seeing the passion of the athletes and I am a sucker for “feel good” stories, so Olympics are perfect for that. I’m always impressed by the athletes’ hard work and dedication. I can’t imagine training for eight hours almost every day, but then again, it would be pretty sweet to get paid for flying through the air on skis or dancing on ice (though I know their earning potential is nothing compared to most professional athletes in leagues like MLB, NFL or NBA).

This year watching the Olympics has felt a little odd since we are in Croatia. Sometimes we watch it on EuroSport in German or on a local Croatian channel, but without the pro-USA commentators filling in the slow moments with their stories it quickly becomes background noise. I easily get distracted and then I miss half of an event by the time I look up again. Luckily we have a Slingbox and we have watched some of the coverage being aired in the USA. Our Slingbox (a tv-streaming internet device) is connected to my parents’ cable box at home, so we can watch local Cincinnati tv right here in Croatia over the internet. It has done wonders for keeping us connected to all sports’ events in the USA, including the Olympics. It has been fun watching the Americans do so well. Croatia even has two medals, which is pretty impressive for a country the size of West Virginia.

I hope everyone else is enjoying the Olympics too and heads on over to www.5quidink.com to buy a new Olympic t-shirt (which luckily you can wear until 2016 since Rio de Janeiro is on there too).

5 Reader Comments to “Olympic World T-shirt – Only 24 Hours!”

  1. Mike on February 22, 2010 at 7:10pm Split / 1:10pm Cincinnati

    Looks great, Kelly. Just wanted to point out one typo, though… two rows above Innsbruck you’ll see you put in St. Oritz instead of St. Moritz… this just makes the shirt that more unique… 😉

    Keep up the good work…

  2. Kelly on February 22, 2010 at 8:29pm Split / 2:29pm Cincinnati

    Oh my. THANK YOU Mike. I will make the correction and send it to 5quid Ink. Clearly I should’ve had someone other than myself proof-reading. Good catch.

  3. Oto_m0t0 on February 23, 2010 at 3:56pm Split / 9:56am Cincinnati

    Hey I read your blog just now. Seeing Croatia from your eyes Is so refreshing. (I live in Zagreb 😉 One thing struck me reading your posts: You don’t eat that well. This is the mediteran part of the Croatia, and has the best possible diet world has to offer, check national geographic for the longest life expentacy regions :)
    You just got to start tasting the fish restaurants….. and the vine!

  4. Kelly Larbes on February 23, 2010 at 9:44pm Split / 3:44pm Cincinnati

    Hi Oto_m0t0 – Yep, we aren’t the most well-rounded eaters – but how did you figure that out just from reading our blog? We had big plans to eat fish when we came here, but it is ridiculously expensive at restaurants so that is a pretty big deterrent. It’s usually twice the cost of meat and pasta dishes, so we’ll probably keep sticking to those, but we’re always open to to trying new things if someone wants to cook for us. :)

  5. Vicki Larbes on February 23, 2010 at 9:45pm Split / 3:45pm Cincinnati

    Hey Kelly,

    Love the T-shirt. What an awesome idea. You are very talented. I bought one for myslef and Tony.